House, Duplex, and Apartment Plans

Download free computer files of house plans, duplex plans, triplex plans, fourplex plans, or sixplex plans. These plans meet stringent code requirements.

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See elevations and floor plans for every house, duplex, triplex, or fourplex/sixplex.

The instructions explain how to use the computer files.

The site plans show efficient building arrangements.

This website is intended to promote the construction of compact buildings with efficient floor plans that provide affordable and livable homes.

We do not do custom design. The downloaded files for a building can be modified, or prints from the files can be modified. Alternatively, new plans can be created using the graphic on the web page as a guide.

Leonard Azar

The buildings on this website were designed by a retired electrical engineer. Engineers believe form follows function, which explains why the homes are not designed to a traditional style.

The computer-aided-design (CAD) program used was an engineering program. Using a non-architectural program eliminates the constraints imposed by the legacy of architectural design.

For example, it was found that designing on a 3-inch grid is superior to designing on the traditional 4-inch grid. For one thing, kitchen and bathroom cabinet sizes are multiples of 3 inches, so it becomes possible to do a better job of kitchen and bathroom design. Also, it becomes possible to distinguish 6-inch walls and double 4-inch walls by drawing them two increments wide and drawing single 4-inch walls one increment wide.

The symbols used in architectural CAD programs print badly because they have too much detail. It is not necessary to show faucets on a bathtub or burners on a range. To overcome this problem, a simplified symbol library was created.

Building plans are usually provided without permission to copy them. The builder can only guess at how many sets of plans will be needed, but dare not order too few because it is illegal to copy prints without permission. This problem is avoided by providing permission to make copies.